Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • This represents the theme because this piece of text evidence shows that her parents cared for her. Her mom even cried for a long time because she was so happy.
  • The theme of this book is "Your home is where someone cares for you, or where your heart desires." The first 'home' is Willow's old home. This was where she lived before her parents died in a car accident. I believe this because, on page 11, it said, "Back to adoption day. As my dad explained it, I never once cried, but my mom did all the way down Interstate Five South until exit 17B. My mom weeps when she's happy."
  • Happy Polish Nails
  • The second 'home' is the Nyugen's garage behind a nail salon. This is where she stayed the night her parents died. I think this supports my claim because in the text, it stated, "Pattie saw grief. Her eyes focused on a version of her own young self, and so many other children in Vietnam who grew up without parents, some abandoned because of their ethnicity, others because of tragedy. And her arms reached out wide." This represents the theme because Pattie is feeling bad for Willow because of her parents died. Also, she thought of the children at Vietnam who didn't have parents because of a tragedy that happened to him or her, so she took in Willow because of that.
  • The third 'home' for Willow would be Dell Duke's apartment. This is where she stayedpiece of evidence that supports my claim is on page 239. It said, "'tell me one things that would make your life better."' This helps because this shows that Dell Duke is starting to care about Willow, and Dell is trying to be nice because of all the things that have been done to her.
  • This supports the claim because gardening is what her heart desires. She likes to garden because it is something she likes to do.
  • The fourth 'home' is Wilow's garden. One of Willow's favorite thing to do is to garden. I think this helps support the claim because on page 15, it said, "I grow grapes, a variety of vines, annual and perennial flowers, and in one small area, tropical plants. To know me is to know my garden. It is my santuary."
  • The fifth and final 'home' is Jairo's taxi(Or just Jairo himself). I think this because in the text on page 146, it says, "He felt a wave of anger roll over him. If someone did this girl wrong, they would have him to deal with." I think this helps support the claim because Jairo cares for her by thinking to himself that if someone had done something to Willow (which no one did) that person would have to go against Jairo.