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us history
Updated: 9/18/2020
us history
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  • The Tea Act was the British removing all taxes, except the one on tea and making it so they could only buy tea from them so Britain would get money
  • Intolerable Acts Part 1
  • Tea Act
  • For the first part of the Boston tea Party, the British tried to stop the redcoats from taking tea off of their boats.
  • Intolerable Act Part 2
  • Boston Tea Party
  • tea
  • tea
  • Boston Tea Party was when the colonists were upset about the Tea Act, so they went on a boat and dumped 352 crates of tea into the harbor
  • Intolerable Act Part 3
  • Boston Tea Party 2
  • tea
  • tea
  • The first intolerable act was closing the port to Boston, which was a punishment for throwing tea into the harbor. They closed it until the colonists paid for all the tea that they threw into the harbor.
  • tea
  • The second act changed the government of the colony of Massachusetts. It gave more power to the governor (who was appointed by Great Britain) and took away power from the colonists.
  • This act allowed the governor to move capital trials against government officials to Great Britain.The colonists felt that this act gave too much protection to government officials. Witnesses would have to travel all the way to Britain to testify against an official, making it nearly impossible to convict.
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