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Communication Process Model
Updated: 9/1/2020
Communication Process Model
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  • The sender is John
  • How's your morning been Barbara?
  • My morning has been great so far John! I had some donuts in the morning!
  • The receiver is Baarbara
  • Oh no! I forgot to the homework that was due today! Its in my room, what am I suppose to do!
  • The message is that John is worried he forgot his homework.
  • Barbara gives annoyed feedback on what he should do
  • This is why you should be on time with your work! I told you this a million times!
  • Oh shoot I forgot I did do my homework its in my locker!
  • Sender is john
  • Oh what a relief, the teacher won't be mad at you for once!
  • Receiver is Barbara
  • Sender:John Receiver: BarbaraMessage: John wants to know how Barbara's day wasExternal Noise/ Barrier: There is construction going outside that morning.Channel: Verbal, face to face
  • I'm going around to ask you if you did your homework, so please answer my question when I come by
  • Here Mr. Harold, here's my homework!
  • Internal Noise/Barrier: Barbara is annoyed at John because he forgot to do his homework.Encoding: John is asking Barbara what he should do because he forgot his homework. Decoding: Barbara is decoding the message and is getting annoyed because she has told him not to procrastinate.
  • Hello, my name is Fred and today you guys will learn about the procedures during a fire drill.
  • I can't wait to learn the procedures, I heard they take a few minutes out of class time.
  • Message: John realizes he has his homeworkFeedback: Barbara is happy for John because he won't get in trouble. Channel: Verbal, face to face
  • What is the difference between producers and consumers?
  • Hello class, I am the sub for today Mr. Arnold, if you have any questions of today's topic go ahead and ask.
  • Encoding: Mr. Harold is asking the students if they did there homework or not. Decoding: John tells Mr. Harold he did his homework in a relieved way.Channel: Verbal, face to face
  • Sender: Fred the Fire FighterReceiver: BarbaraMessage: Fred wants to teach the students but especially Barbara about the steps in a fire drill.
  • Internal Noise/ Barrier: Barbara is scared to ask her question because she thinks the question is stupid.Sender: Mr. ArnoldReceiver: Barbara
  • I wonder what category plants go in? But I don't want to embarrass myself.
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