Missouri Compromise
Updated: 3/15/2021
Missouri Compromise

Storyboard Text

  • I am glad the senate is balanced
  • Yes I wonder what would happen if there was more of one side than the other
  • I heard that states from the Louisiana Purchase are applying for statehood
  • I hope they apply as free states so the north has more power
  • We in Missouri want to enter the Union as a slave state
  • Yes, I will not give up my slaves
  • We in the North will not accept Missouri into the Union as a slave state
  • Well we in the south will not have Missouri give up their slaves
  • James Tallmadge: what if we gradually end slavery in Missouri
  • NEVER! The south will never accept this, Missouri will be a slave state the government shouldn't even be deciding
  • Henry Clay: I propose that Missouri comes into the union as a slave state but Maine is also admitted but as a free state to keep the balance.
  • Slavery will be allowed below the lower line of Missouri and banned above it with Missouri being the only exception