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French Revolution Part 1
Updated: 11/14/2019
French Revolution Part 1
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  • The French Government goes into Debt (Stage 1)
  • Meeting of The Estates
  • Third Estate Forms Assembly(Stage 2)
  • The French fall into debt because they spent too much money on the wars. Even though the goverment knew that they were in debt they still spent lots of money on things that were not nessacasry. An example is that they priced the food so that it was more expensive then the normal income.
  • Oath Of The Tennis Court
  • Since the government was broke the king called The Meeting of The Estates. The porpouse of that meeting was to see the Clegry, Nobilitys, Common peoples think the king should do. After hearing what all three estates thought the made up his mind and decided what he was going to do.
  • Storm Of Bastille (Stage Three)
  • In stage two the common estate decideds that they are going to make their own assembely which will be called the National Assembely. The reason why they are creating the assembly is because they feel as if the king has to much power and that it is not fair for the common people to pay so much money in taxes unlike the Clergy and Nobility
  • National Assembly
  • Once the commoners take their idea and implement it they draw up The Oath Of the Tennis Court. The reason why they came up with the oath is to promise that they would write their own declaration of independence.
  • The Storming of Bastille was truly a sign from the people that they were done putting up with all of the taxes that their government was bringing upon them. It was also Frances first independence day. The storming was a very grousome and bloody war that occured on July 14th 1789.
  • The National Assembely took over in the summer of 1789 and was then known as the controling body. Since that change had happened there were no more special privilages to the Nobles anymore.
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