child weird
Updated: 3/29/2021
child weird

Storyboard Text

  • scene 1
  • Alfie look at your new home
  • scene 2
  • look at Alfie's new home
  • scene 3
  • that is a brilliant house
  • int:lounge little girl plays with toy while mum is in the other room listening to music this scene lasts for 15 seconds. this would be a wide shot
  • scene 4
  • mum enters room while girl is playing with her toy alfie and the girl looks up to show the mum alfie's home. this lasts 10 seconds
  • scene 5
  • oh yes, sorry. i can see that now.
  • mum thinks that Alfie's castle is acctually a house this makes the girl upset so she chucks her teddy in rage.this would be 55min because the girl starts to go red and grow bigger like the hulk and a full body shot
  • scene 6
  • the girl tells the mum that it is a castle not a house this scene will last up to 45 minutes because the girl yells in between the conversation
  • it is not a house it is a castle. Alfie is the king
  • the mum apologises and the girl calms down this is 20 seconds it is a close up camera shot
  • the girl goes to get her teddy and tells it that it is time for bed and walks off while the mum stands looking on her phone this 14 seconds
  • come teddy time to go to bed