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Updated: 9/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • hello, today i will show you what it looked like and how people lived in the fertile crescent.
  • ok can we first see how the ziggurats were so important.
  • so, The purpose of the ziggurats were to get the temples closer to the heavens, and provide access from the ground to it via steps the mesopotamians believed that these pyramid temples connected heaven and earth.
  • oh wow! fascinating, now lets see what type of house the people that live in the fertile crescent live in.
  • fertile crescent was home to the earliest known human civilisations.
  • i believe the agricultural revolution started here. anyways can you show me how they made pottery.
  • so this is what they made to speed up the making of pottery and this is called a potters wheel.
  • wow this mechanism is very smart and all you do is push down on it and it spins! can we see their rich soil.
  • one question do you know why this soil gets so rich.
  • yes i do, because the tigris and euphrates river floods which is rich soil on the banks of these rivers every year.
  • so, that was the tour around the fertile crescent i showed you the rivers,how they made pottery,their rich soil, and where they lived.
  • this was a long journey and i've learned alot from it thank you for having me here.