Romeo and Juliet act 4
Updated: 5/1/2020
Romeo and Juliet act 4

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  • Act 4, scene 1
  • Mr. laurence I am to marry juliet very soon.
  • I see, very well then.
  • Act 4, scene 2
  • I will marry paris father.
  • that is excellent news Juliet. I shall start preparing at once.
  • Act 4, scene 3, part 1
  • Please just leave me be nurse
  • Alrighty then Mrs. Juliet.
  • Paris meets up with Friar Laurence and he tells him he is marrying Juliet soon. Friar Laurence wishes to stop this.
  • Act 4, scene 3, part 2
  • Ugh my stomach, did Friar poison me? He would, considering what I asked of him.
  • Juliet returns to her home and agrees to marry Paris, her father is ecstatic and starts preparing for the wedding day.
  • Act 4, scene 4
  • Everything is going great, juliet will love it! (where is she anyway?)
  • Juliet is in her bedroom the nurse is there with her. Juliet pleads for her to leave.
  • Act 4, scene 5
  • It is but your own fault for your daughters death, pushing her to marry a man she never loved.
  • Juliet is lying in bed and her stomach is in pain, she wonders if she has been poisoned, in which she makes her own plan to prevent the marriage.
  • But if the poison doesn't work, I'll have to take matters into my own hands.
  • Everyone is hustling and bustling to get ready for the big day, but Juliet is nowhere to be found, for she is dead in her bed.
  • Friar Laurence arrives at the Capulet house, where Juliet's lifeless body lies, and he says that it is the fault of her parents for her death, for they pushed her to marry Paris.
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