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Updated: 8/28/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • You really think so huh? 
  • Rising action 
  • Hi Mr. Mcclen I have been thinking my kids are so spoiled and I dont knw what to do 
  • Dad if you shut the house off you'll be really sorry.
  • Well you need to start with shutting down this tech house I mean no wonder you kids are spoiled.
  • Come on George just one more minute. 
  • This is George(the dad), Lydia(the mom), Peter(the son), and Wendy(the daughter). This story takes place in their very high tech house. They have very many different robots that does everything for them. The kids also had an nursery that they loved
  • Climax
  • Kids I have decided I think this is for the best but we really need to shut off the house for a while 
  • Daddy no we hate you I wish you were dead. 
  • Peter and Wendy have been spoiled their whole life. Then one day the kids found out that the nursery was broken. The kids were having death thoughts. They kept seeing these lions and the lions are eating people.
  • Falling action 
  • George is thinking about shutting down the house because of how the kids are acting. George brought in a psychiatrist to help him. George is trying to tell Peter that he is thinking of shutting down the house. Then Peter threted George if he shut down the house.
  • HAHAH, oh hi Mr. Davied would you lik some tea.
  • Sure. Thanks I guess.
  • Well one day the George told the kids that he was finally shutting off the house. The kids wanted one more minute and so they got it. George went upstairs to change and Lydia was supposed to watching their kids but she went upstairs and then the parents heard a scream so they went and checked downstairs and checked in the nursery and then the kids trapped them in there.
  • Fine one more and then it is off okay. 
  • Just one more minute
  • The kids locked the nursery door an then the parents looked back and saw the lions and then the kids sat there and watched the parents get eaten to death.
  • Oh no were trappd . KIDS LET US OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW. Oh NO behind you
  • And Then the psychiatrist walked in and the kids were sitting by the nursery drinking tea and they asked M. David Mcclean if he wanted any tea.
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