The fountains of Silence Basic Plot (IRP Q2)
Updated: 1/23/2020
The fountains of Silence Basic Plot (IRP Q2)
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  • "Oh, okay." Why does that lady across the street look so terrified of me?
  • Daniel, be careful. You must delete that photo of the Guardia CIvil or it could get you in trouble
  • This is the Sorolla Museum, señor. You must visit.
  • Of course, Sister Hortensia. Also, early there was a women saying that her baby was taken from her and never returned.
  • Puri, please get the child dressed for photos.
  • This is an orphanage. She must have been very distraught.
  • Madrid, 1957; Daniel arrives in Madrid and realizes the strict secrecy that controls the city and its people
  • All the boxes seemed too light. If not here, then were are the babies? Why are we burying empty coffins?
  • Rafa, the coffin is empty. There is no deceased infant!
  • Daniel meets a maid at his hotel named Ana who shows him around the city and they become friends.
  • Awww, she's such a happy baby! We'll name you... Christina. Thank you, sister.
  • Ana's cousin, Puri, works at the Inclusa, Madrid's orphanage, helping with adoptions and taking care of children, especially those sin datos.
  • Wow, The city has really changed. I wish mom could see.
  • Ana's brother, Rafa, and friend, Fuga, work at the cemetery and find out a dark lie.
  • At the orphanage, Daniel's parents adopt a baby girl whom they name Christina before heading back to the United States.
  • Madrid, 1976; Franco has just died and Daniel returns to Madrid with his sister where a new lightness pervaded the city's atmosphere and people.
  • Madrid is so beautiful, Daniel. It feels like home
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