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Worked To The Bone
Updated: 4/23/2020
Worked To The Bone
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  • Worked to the Bone
  • By: Kinley Rose
  • Hine loved to take photos of children working in factories. Hine once went to a factory in Pennsylvania where he took a photo of a child with terrible cuts and burns down his arms and legs. This child got these burns from working around industrial boilers. Many were worried about Hines safety. Hine said that he has had his scares but he was more worried about the children's safety than his.
  • Martha gets distracted by Floyd's cough that when she sticks her hand in the machine there is a explosion of loose thread. Martha screamed and fell to the floor. The overseer walks by and doesn't even bother to check on her, but says get back up and start working. Martha gets up and two of her fingers are injured.
  • Hine went to a factory where he wanted to get a photo of a hard working ladie.He stops her and says"what about a photo?" The little girl walks along and says I am getting paid, not now. Hine stops the girls as she walks away and she stops. While Hine is getting the camera set up the boss walks over. The boss asked what he was doing and Hine said he was taking a photo of one of his hard working ladies. The boss did not want Hine to take a photo and shoved Hine out of the factory with a shovel.
  • When Hines photographs of the children started to show up in the newspaper. Factory owners got more curious about Hines photography. One day He presented himself to an overseer and told him that he is an individual photographer. Then later Hine discovered a place where there were no adults and only children working. Hine approached a shy girl with no shoes on and wanted her to pose next to the machines for a picture. She attempted to smile.
  • In the time of 10 years, Hine took 5,000 photographs of child labor. His photos brought attention to how harsh child labor really was. There was a very slow change in the law of child labor. A few years later more and more people started to forget all about Hine. Hine soon lost all of his money. Not long after President Roosevelt signed to outlaw child labor.
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