Updated: 10/21/2020

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  • “What worried him the most, however, wasn't that it was too late. What worried him the most, what really ate at his insides, was the fear that it wasn't too late.What if Zero was still alive, desperately crawling across the dirt searching for water?”
  • “ What if it's not too late?He watched Mr. Sir fill X-Ray's canteen. The image of Zero crawling across the hot dry dirt remained in his head.But what could he do about it? Even if Zero was somehow alive after more than four days, how would Stanley ever find him? It would take days.He'd need a car. Or a pickup truck.”
  • So Stanly is waking to go find his friend from camp and when he was walking he spotted something and from far away Stanly thought that it was a snake but when he came closer he saw a sack of Mr. Sir sunflower seeds.
  • Then when Stanly waled some more he saw a boat and when he saw the boat he said Hello and someone responded Hello and it was Zero and Zeo said is that stanley and stanley said Yes and then stanly went in and when he went in Zero gave him a jar of sploosh and he drank it and both sanly and zero were in there.
  • Then stanley and Zero walked back to camp and Zero went back the the camp to go get a shovel and then stanly was digging when Zero cam back stanly was almost done then they digged until they found the treasure.
  • Then Stanley and Zero weer almost about to give up and Zero hurd something and they digg it ot and it was the treasure and when they got released from camp they both became millionaires so this show friendship.
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