Balanced and Unbalanced forces
Updated: 11/13/2020
Balanced and Unbalanced forces

Storyboard Text

  • Hmm... how strange, what is a box during in the middle of the road. (In fact what am I doing in the middle of the road).
  • Eh whatever, while it's here I might as well demonstrate the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces.
  • JAMIE!!
  • There you are! I just wanted your help demonstrating balanced and unbalanced forces.
  • Don't ask questions just help me!
  • I was thinking we could start with balanced!
  • Quiet you, now with unbalanced forces the individual forces either act in the same of exact opposite direction. Unlike balanced forces, which cause a still object to remain still. That's the difference.
  • What? Why in the road and why now!?
  • Shush! Now next let's demonstrate an unbalanced force.
  • Now, right now we are both pushing the box, and it stays still because we are both applying the same amount of force.
  • I think I see a car coming.
  • SHH! Anyways let's retreat to the side walks so I can explain the difference between the two forces.
  • Now this time I am applying more force, which Jamie could never do cause he has spaghetti arms.
  • Hey! The car's getting closer!
  • With balanced forces, the two forces action on said object is equal, while with unbalanced forces, the two forces acting on the object aren't equal.
  • Simple.
  • Like I said, simple.