Updated: 3/12/2020

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  • Natural Selection of Snakes
  • Hi, my name is Alberta. I will be showing what natural selection is and its phases. Here, you will learn how overproduction occurs, how variation works, and how we stay safe from predators.
  • Step 1: Overproduction of Offspring
  • This is my mate, Piper. We don't have much offspring, but it still counts. Since this is a little too much for our species, overproduction has occurred, meaning some of our species will die off. The reason for us not having much offspring is because of the lifetime and inability to reproduce.
  • Step 2:Genetic Variation
  • We have many different variations for our species. we have red snaked, brown snakes, and greenish-grey-ish snakes. Due to that, some of our species will not survive. The reason for us having many different colored species is that the probability for all of our species to be the same is quite low.
  • Step 3: Selection
  • All the species that didn't look like us, have died off. They died from predators eating them. due to the lack of protection for them. The reason they had limited protection is that they were different colors, and larger in size. we have this color to blend into logs, dirt, and similar color surfaces
  • Step 4: Adaptation
  • Our species around a forest can easily hide, since we are small and blend in easily. In order for us to have protection, we need a safe place, one that we can trust. we need to make sure we can blend in that safe place. Then, we stay there and not come out until the predator is gone
  • Conclusion
  • And that is what natural selection is like. Hope you enjoyed this scenario, I'm going to go hide now, so I can survive!!