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The myth of icarus
Updated: 11/3/2020
The myth of icarus
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  • Birth
  • my beautiful creation is complete, finally
  • *GRRR*
  • labyrinth
  • you've been bad go in here
  • *GRRR*
  • Downfall
  • I killed it and saved you cause I wanted to.
  • thank you I guess
  • *sad GRRR*
  • "The scandal concerning his family grew, and the queen’s unnatural adultery was evident from the birth of a strange hybrid monster"
  • Sentencing
  • you are both going to the tower
  • Minos resolved to remove this shame, the Minotaur, from his house, and hide it away in a labyrinth with blind passageways
  • Creation
  • When, through the help of the virgin princess, Ariadne, by rewinding the thread, Theseus, son of Aegeus, won his way back to the elusive threshold, that no one had previously regained, he immediately set sail for Dia, stealing the daughter of Minos away with him, then cruelly abandoned his companion on that shore.
  • Flight
  • Meanwhile Daedalus, hating Crete, and his long exile, and filled with a desire to stand on his native soil, was imprisoned by the waves. ‘He may thwart our escape by land or sea’ he said ‘but the sky is surely open to us: we will go that way: Minos rules everything but he does not rule the heavens’
  • His son, Icarus, stood next to him, and, not realising that he was handling things that would endanger him, caught laughingly at the down that blew in the passing breeze, and softened the yellow bees’-wax with his thumb, and, in his play, hindered his father’s marvellous work
  • whatever, this thing is so cool I can't wait to use it
  • Look what I made, but be carful
  • he flailed with bare arms, but losing his oar-like wings, could not ride the air. Even as his mouth was crying his father’s name, it vanished into the dark blue sea, the Icarian Sea
  • wow, I really messed up didn't I
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