The most dangerous Game.

Updated: 9/13/2020
The most dangerous Game.

Storyboard Text

  • Hunting trip to Brazil until...
  • "They are just animals, Whitney. They don't feel.", said Rainsford.
  • "Do you never feel for the animals that you hunts", said Whiteny.
  • Rainsford falls off the yacht.
  • HELP!
  • Rainsford finds a mansion.
  • A house.. That means food and rest.
  • Rainsford and Zaroff talking
  • That COLD BLOODED murderer
  • I needed something that would reason with me.
  • Zaroof is on the hunt for Rainsford.
  • I'm going to clean my wounds and i will be back.
  • After Rainsford won the gams he comes back fro Zaroff.
  • I'm still a wild animal