Updated: 2/24/2021

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  • What if I don’t make any friends!?
  • Come on, you’re going to be fine !
  • Welcome back kids, this is Julien Cyr, he is new from this year. Would you please have a seat ?
  • Humm, Yes miss !
  • Damm it ! I hope no one saw me !
  • Woah ! Are you alright ?
  • Caution,wet floor
  • I was starting to discover the new lovely area I lived in Repentigny, but I didn’t had any friends to play with, except my brother. Back to school was just around the corner and my anxiety was getting out of hand. However, I still had tennis sessions to calm myself down.
  • That is awesome! Nice to meet you.
  • Hey, I know you ! You’re in the same group as me for the tennis sessions. I’m new since last week !
  • The first day in my new school, I was too shy to talk to anyone for the first two hours. I couldn’t break the ice. It was quite different to move from a public elementary school to a private school.
  • Hi guys ! This is Julien, a friend from tennis.
  • I don’t feel alone anymore.
  • What’s up !
  • After the third class, I went at my locker to pick up my new French notebooks and I fell on a wet floor...
  • So, tell me. How was your first day in School?
  • It was awesome mom ! I can’t wait to see Laurier again tomorrow!
  • This is Laurier Beauchemin, my first “real” friend from my new school.
  • At dinner time, he invited me to eat at his table and he presented me all his friends. This was the beginning of a great friendship between him and I.
  • After school, when my Mom went to pick me up, I told her that I couldn’t wait any longer to see my new group of friends again, the next day.