Tom and Huck
Updated: 3/17/2021
Tom and Huck

Storyboard Text

  • shucks Huck! I dunno
  • what'll we do tom?
  • here, I think I got a candle.
  • its scary in here. do you have a candle or something.
  • goodnight Huck.
  • goodnight.
  • Tom and Huck are running from Injun Joe but they have stumbled across a cave.
  • did you hear that?
  • ya, it sounded creepy!
  • they have decided to go into the cave and hide from Injun Joe.
  • Oh wow! I didn't even notice!
  • look Huck! It's the briefcase, we're gonna be rich.
  • They have decided to rest for the night before they have to escape from Injun Joe again.
  • Man am I happy to be out of the cave.
  • me too!
  • They heard a faint noise way off in the distance but they did not know what it was so they went to go check it out.
  • They were trying to find a way out when they discovered some whiskey, broken glass, and a briefcase.
  • they were able to lose Injun Joe and get out of the cave not only safely but with the money!