Xi Jinping Chinese Hero
Updated: 12/17/2019
Xi Jinping Chinese Hero
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  • No! Please don't go!
  • Dad!!
  • What can I become once I get out of here?
  • Xi Jinping was born among a family in China along with six other siblings in 1953. His father was a famous revolutionary named Xi Zhongxun.
  • Whoa! A doll! Thank you!
  • In 1962, Xi Jinping's father was purged and put in jail for supporting a contentious novel. Four years later, the Cultural Revolution began created frustration and difficulty for the government to control them. His elder sister, Xi Heping, was sentenced to death for her defense in the Cultural Revolution.
  • As a young adult, Xi Jinping was exiled for six years to work in caves and mountains because of his assistance in the Cultural Revolution. He was placed far away from any towns in a dusty cave on barren hills. The six years he spent during his exile was filled with labor. His job was to be a Shepard to tend sheep and goats.
  • "With great power comes great risks."
  • Xi Jinping did not despise the communist government, but instead became 'redder than red' to thrive. His goal was to be a part of the communist party to gain power and fame, this action took him ten attempts to be accepted and ranked. Xi created a clean image of himself within the party by contributing to inspiring actions around China. In 2006, Xi Jinping was chosen to replace the former party chief that was 'sacked' from his rank. This was a major step towards success for Xi.
  • A couple years later in 2008, he persuaded officials that caused him to receive the title, Vice President of China. One of his ideas was for the party to be in charge of all policy and geographical areas in China. Xi spent the next four years preparing for his presidency. Soon, society began to compare him to the ruthless leader, Mao Zedong.
  • In the early year of 2013, Xi Jinping officially became China's President. During his presidency, he drastically strengthened his group's power. His three crucial roles were the head of the communist party, Central Military, and People's Republic. He individually took down his rivals until he was the most powerful person in the party and China. Finally, in 2018, the law that ensured the power of presidency for life was passed so, Xi indefinitely rule until he passes.
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