the velt
Updated: 8/25/2018
the velt
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • George and Lydia buy a very technologic house. They built a room in the house that they call the nursery and they are talking about the nursery in the kitchen lydia is worried that there is something rong in the nursery.
  • Climax 
  • George and Lydia go into the nursery. What they see they dont like. They are in Africa and there is lions and death and then the lions see Georgy and lydia and charge at them.
  • Falling Action
  • There children call and say they will be home later the kids get home and georgy confronts them about what they saw and there boy Peter tells there daughter Wendi to go see what they are talking about then when they go to see the nursery it is a completely different sene George decides to lock the nursery up and the kids throgh a fit
  • Resolution
  • Do you want some tea.
  • George and Lydia are lying in there beds both of them awake and they hear screams and they both know the Peter and Wendie are in the nursery then all the sudden Peter walks in there room and threatens his dad George was not very happy and the next morning he checked the nursery and it was africa again so he calls David McClean a therapist.
  • David McClean gets to the house and George tells him what has been going on and McClean said that they should be very worried and that they need to shut off all the electronics in the house and start living so George turns off all the electronics in the house when the kids found out they asked for more a little more time and Lydia convinced George to turn it back on for a little more time but George told Lydia to watch Peter and Wendy
  • Georgs tells the family he is going to go pack and heads upstairs then after a little Lydia comes up then they hear Peter and Wendy scream and run down stairs to the nursery when they get in the nursery they look around but Peter and Wendy are nowhere to be seen then the door to the nursery closes and Peter is talking to the nursery he is telling it not to let his dad shut it off George turns around and looks at the lions they are looking at him and Lynda they charge at them and they scream and that is the last we heard from George and Lydia
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