Updated: 2/20/2020

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  • I left you because I didn't want "to deal with a stubborn temper" wife.
  • Me what about you, I am not the only one who has a problem, You got marred behind my back and did not even tell me.
  • I can't believe that I am being banished after all I did for you.
  • I left my home land for you and was banished because of you why are you doing this to me.
  • I didn't make you leave you home land you chose to leave not me I can't help that what happened to you.
  • So what. I don't have to stay with you, I can do as I please.
  • "How did I chose to leave my home land" I was just trying to help you.
  • That is not the man I married
  • "I left because I saw a changes to be with royalty."
  • So you left me for her? I helped you back on my home land and this is what you do to me.