History Project on Martin Luther
Updated: 5/1/2020
History Project on Martin Luther

Storyboard Text

  • Near Death Experience
  • Pope Leo X Strikes!
  • Pope Leo X= 1 Martin Luther= 0
  • During a rainstorm, Martin Luther is almost struck by a lightning bolt. He promises his life to God if he lives. He lives and keeps his promise. Later on, he believes that good deeds will not get you into heaven, only faith in God will save you.
  • The Diet Of Worms are Rejected!
  • Pope Leo X had to fund a project, so to raise money, he would sell indulgences to people to lessen their punishments. He also sold high status jobs. Luther disapproved of this so he wrote the Ninety Five Theses.
  • Martin Luther... In Hiding
  • The Pope commanded Luther's writings be destroyed and forbade anyone to let anyone read them. He also took away Luther's right to go to Church.
  • War Breaks Out
  • The Diet of Worms commanded Luther to take back everything he wrote in the Ninety Five Theses. Luther refused which made the Diet of Worms furious.
  • NO!
  • Luther would conduct a fake kidnapping with a friend of his. While many thought he was dead, he was in hiding, translating the Ninety Five Theses into German.
  • Luther convinced people to leave the Church which sparked wars and fighting between Catholics and Protestants. By the time of Luther's death, he would have written 60,000 pages.
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