Types of conflict in Lyddie. Abigail Kim
Updated: 1/14/2021
Types of conflict in Lyddie. Abigail Kim

Storyboard Text

  • Person Vs. Nature
  • "Please don't break anything..."
  • Person Vs. Society
  • "but...ain't Massachusetts a free country?"
  • "Corporation requires regular attendance of all of its girls".
  • Person Vs. Self
  • Inside the factory
  • "I stared down a black bear." I can do this right?
  • This is Person Vs. Nature because Lyddie has no control over the bear. The bear is part of nature and is causing conflict (panic and fear) throughout the house. Pg. 1-3
  • This is Person Vs. Society because although Lyddie does not feel comfortable attending church, the corporation requires her to. Pg. 57-58
  • This is Person Vs. Self because Lyddie is feeling overwhelmed by the work she has to do and is second guessing her capabilities. Pg. 74