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Updated: 2/26/2021
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  • I looked to the left, and the right of my suspiciously clean car. Everyone thinks it would be so great to have a rich dad, but it’s really not all that. I mean I guess it has its perks.“Are you excited?!” Exclaimed dad, but I didn’t want to answer.“I guess,” I said with a slight frown, just enough so he wouldn’t see it behind my hair covering half my face.
  • As soon as I got out of the car the smiles were wiped off the nuns' faces. “We will be taking good care of you,” they said, making sneaky smirks at each other. Just by them saying this I could tell I wasn’t going to have a great time or even a moderately good time.
  • "I don't know, I heard her dad is a Senator and is really rich or something,” Maria could hear her “roommates” outside of the bathroom talking about her. She looked in the mirror and grabbed her brush quickly out of her toiletries kit. She hoped her vigorous brushing would help drain out the sound of their bratty talking.
  • I sat at a crooked wooden lunch table with her my friends at convent Jessica. Jessica was the only girl who really understood me, and the only girl who was willing to look past "Senator Mendoza" being my dad. We both looked down at our ham and cheese sandwiches, and as Jessica grabbed hers to take a bite I looked at the dreary grey sky. I hate this weather.
  • I can’t sleep, all I can think about is Matt. I didn’t think this would happen but I’ve been thinking and learning so much about St. Francis and I think I finally have a reason to forgive Matt. I didn't think I would forgive him for that horrid night at El Patron's birthday party, but I think it's time. I miss talking to him, I hate the girls here.
  • As I saw my dad’s car pull up the nuns put on a fake smile and waved goodbye, I’d be returning soon but I'm happy to have an escape for now. I tugged on the car door handle and my dad got the memo to unlock it. “Just because we’re going home for a little while doesn’t mean you're talking to that MONSTER,” he yelled, these were the first words I heard him say in months.