Bio. Adaptations
Updated: 3/31/2020
Bio. Adaptations
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  • Monkeys howl to locate each other in the dense forest
  • Hook like arm for swinging
  • Prehensile tail allows for greater mobility and grip
  • Mothers keep their young away from others to teach them to find food
  • Strong back legs for leaeping
  • Retractable head to stay safe from predators
  • Walk on land and swim for escaping predators
  • Strong legs for swimming
  • Webbed feet for fast swimming
  • Hard shell to protect vital organs
  • Hollow bones for easier flight
  • Feathers help to balance bird while in flight
  • Hook like claws for grasping branches and prey
  • Slim and aerodynamic body for diving on prey
  • Feathers provide insulation during cold weather
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