Joe Knight
Updated: 1/25/2021
Joe Knight

Storyboard Text

  • 1747, New Marblehead
  • 1747, A bit north of that in a village
  • A few years later...
  • Joe and William Knight are tending to the farm like any day.
  • 1751
  • Joe gets captured by the Indians. He was accepted by them. He likes their customs and starts to be one of them.
  • New Marblehead
  • Joe is settled. He learned their language and secrets. He meets a nice girl and is happy.
  • 1756, Near the Presumscot river
  • Me got you now, Joe!
  • A peace treaty is made between the Indians and the settlers. Because of this, Joe gets taken back home.
  • Joe is once again farming and working at his dad's wood mill. He is happy to be back home and safe.
  • Joe goes to get wood for his dad, and gets captured once again!