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Road to the American Revolution
Updated: 10/21/2020
Road to the American Revolution
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  • 1. Navigation Acts (1651)
  • As a colonist, I dislike the fact that the British is taking over our trade and limiting our export (tobacco) to just Britain.
  • However, as a British solder, the Navigation Acts are useful as the we are profiting from the colonies, while regulating commerce.
  • 2. Stamp Act (March 22, 1765)
  • The Stamp Act is not fair towards us, the British tax us and don't even let speak for our own colonial laws.
  • I absolutely agree. Unfortunately, the British are using our taxes on important documents/everyday object for their own benefits; primarily to pay for the troops at the colonies during the French and Indian war.
  • 3. Quartering Act (March 24, 1765)
  • I want housing and protection for myself. Therefore, under the Quartering Act I can ask for this.
  • I guess I have to agree. To make it worse, I am also getting taxed for the provisions of the British soldiers as I am a settler.
  • The Navigation Acts which were passed in 1651 helped the English with their ships/shipping industry and commerce/trade between other countries and their colonies. In addition, the English benefited from this as the English ships would only bring good into England from America. The colonists may have been angry due to the restrictions of exporting some of their products (ex. tobacco, sugar) to just England.
  • 4. Boston Massacre (1770)
  • The Stamp Act which was passed in 1765 required colonists to pay a tax. represented by a stamp, on many essential documents and everyday things such as papers, playing cards, and certificates. This helped the British as it paid for troops stationed at the colonies during the French and Indian War. Colonists may have been angry because many of their important or common objects were taxed and they thought Britain could not tax as colonists had no say in Parliament.
  • 5. Coercive Acts/Intolerable Acts (1774)
  • Too bad for the colonists. You all caused the Boston Tea Party and in result of your protests; you'll get punished with the Coercive/Intolerable Acts.
  • I hate the fact that now the the Coercive/Intolerable Acts closed the Port of Boston. This restricts our shipping industry and trading industry as well.
  • The Quartering Act of 1765 made it mandatory that the colonies had to house British soldiers in barracks which were from the colonies; localities also accommodated soldiers if the barracks were too small. The British benefited from this as they received housing and protection for their soldiers and they gain tax from this act as well. However, the colonists may have disliked this due to the fact that they had to house soldiers and pay for tax on provisions and the barracks of the soldiers.
  • 6. 2nd Continental Congress (1775)
  • As part of the 2nd Continental Congress, we shall help the colonial army with strategy and indirectly governing them fairly. This way we can sought and fight for independence from the British.
  • Yes, I absolutely agree! If we are part of the 2nd Continental Congress, we must form a document that gives our settlers freedoms/rights (Declaration of Independence).
  • The Boston Massacre which occurred in 1770 was a confrontation/riot between the English soldiers and the colonists; the soldiers started shooting using their guns and the colonists fought back with things like sticks. From a British point of view, this worsened their relations with the settlers as they were firing their guns at the colonists. This influenced some colonists to want independence and fight against the British as they were slaughtering some colonists while also increasing taxation and their unfair law-making.
  • The British are firing at us! Fight back using stones and sticks. All they want is to increase our taxes a limit our role in the government.
  • Well you all started to taunt and insult my fellow soldiers. Therefore, I support the British Parliament in increasing your taxes and to restrict your role in the government.
  • The Coercive/Intolerable Acts which were passed in 1774 were a set of four laws which resulted from the Boston Tea Party which the colony of Massachusetts Bay was responsible for. The British took advantage of this as they closed the Port of Boston, royal governors had more authority, the upper house of the Massachusetts legislature was removed, and the Quartering Act became more powerful. The colonists disliked these acts as the Port of Boston helped many settlers benefit from trade and other laws became stronger as well.
  • The 2nd Continental Congress was formed in 1775 and it was a convention of delegates from the thirteen colonies; the formation was to control/manage colonial troops fighting and helped to lead in the war by being a outset government. The British most probably disliked the formation of the 2nd Continental Congress because as they helped colonial troops with strategy, choosing diplomats, and creating treaties. The colonists benefited from the 2nd Continental Congress because it adopted the Declaration of Independence meaning they were separated from Great Britain and were in a free/independent country (United States of America).
  • Declaration of Independence
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