Liliana Landlady
Updated: 11/9/2018
Liliana Landlady
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  • Bed & Breakfast
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  • Billy Weaver is looking for somewhere to stay. Billy sees the bed & breakfast sign and decides he want to stay there. Shot: Long shot showing the whole picture. The sound/music I would use the cricket & rain sound effect to show not a lot of people are around and make it a little scarier. The music would be something like "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" By Tiny Tim but slower Banjo/guitar
  • The landlady shows billy to his room, things get more odd every sentence she says. She explains to Billy that he should sign the quest book in front. Billy sees some familiar names. Shot: starts as a long shot and closes up on the landlady once her sentences get odd. The song I would put is something that was in psycho with violin but slower.
  • The landlady has Billy sit with her and drink tea. They talk about the other names that were in the quest book. Billy notices the animals in the room have be completely still and silent, she explains she stuffs her animals once they pass. Billy asks if there has been any other quests other than him. The landlady replies with "No, my dear only you." Shot: Starts as long shot turns into close up once the landlady says "No, my dear just you." The music I would use would be something sharp and scary something like JAWS.
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