Rock Cycle

Updated: 9/2/2021
Rock Cycle

Storyboard Text

  • 1.Hello! I am an Igneous rock. I remember just some time ago when I was hot lava. Then I cooled to form myself, now the awesome igneous rock!
  • I was weathered down! All I am is sediment. The high winds broke me down and took me to this long winding river. Wait oh no, I fell in! I'm going further away from my home! I don't know how much more erosion I can take.
  • 6.I'm back again! As the magma came to the surface it turned to lava then cooled down once more to form me! I can't believe I am an igneous rock again! It must because my life is also known as the rock cycle never ends because it is a cycle.
  • 3.I'm whole again! After I was taken downstream I was deposited here and went through compaction and cementation! Now I am a sedimentary rock!
  • 4.I can't believe it! I've changed again and now I am a metamorphic rock! I had to go through intense heat and pressure just so I could get to this point.
  • 5.I've been fully melted into liquid magma! I reside once again in the earth down where the sun never shines. I wonder when I will be brought back to the surface.