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Updated: 11/27/2019
Unknown Story

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  • seeing some clogged sewage or canal everyday makes everyone liter more
  • om my gosh, this canal is clogged with trash
  • it is impossible to report it to the government but it really works when the government updates people about the clogged sewages
  • We need to fix the sewages or canal because it is clogged with trashes
  • thank you for updating us, we'll work on it as soon as possible
  • everyone else is needed to be updated . and it is possible that the solution will work
  • we need to do something about the clogged sewages
  • it is really clogged. But i think we can fix it in some time
  • Checking the canals or the sewages helps the workers to check how possible they could make it.
  • fixing and cleaning the sewages is how the solution needs to be so the trashes won't make the canals clogged.
  • the outcome of the solution is gonna make marikina city's clogged sewages and places neat and clean.