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Updated: 2/12/2020
Unknown Story
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  • South Doesn't Like States' Debts
  • Why should we pay
  • We're not paying
  • There is no point
  • Hamilton's Opinions
  • We should earn money with manufacturing.
  • I think we should save the environment and earn money by farming.
  • Jefferson's Opinions
  • The South doesn't like the debt because there was no war in the south. So they are paying for nothing.
  • National Bank
  • I think we should have a national bank.
  • National Bank
  • Hamilton thinks we should earn money by manufacturing and thinks we should have a strong central government.
  • Loose Construction Hamilton
  • We should be able to have a little freedom.
  • Jefferson loves farming. He thinks it is a solution. He thinks it is the way to earn money. This is the opposite of Hamilton ideas.
  • Strict Construction Jefferson
  • People should follow the rules and what the constitution says. If you break a rule you should go to jail.
  • Hamilton wants to create a national bank to end debt from the war. Jefferson doesn't like this plan. He thinks states should charter banks that could issue money.
  • I think it is a bad idea for a national bank.
  • Hamilton thinks we should have loose construction. This is when you can stretch the constitution and not do what it says exactly.
  • Jefferson thinks that we should have strict construction. He thinks you have to follow the rules exactly word for word.
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