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Updated: 2/7/2021
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UV radiation practical uses seminar

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  • Hello kids , and welcome to our weekly science seminar and today we will discuss ultraviolet radiation .
  • That's right today we will discuss UV radiation and it's practical uses . 
  • Woah cool!
  • UV radiation can help in identifying counterfeit money.
  • It helps identify real money by revealing its invisible fluorescent phosphor.
  • UV radiation can also help in removing bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • The radiation causes the bacteria to stop reproducing which in turn stops it from growing any further.
  • UV radiation from the sun also gives us Vitamin D which is for teeth and bone development.
  • Vitamin D can also give us a tan but too much exposure can be bad so limit it.
  • Well that's all kids I hope you learned something new today
  • Thank you !
  • You can now all leave and I hope you all join again for next week
  • I definitely want to attend next week. What about you guys?
  • Yeah I definitely want to
  • Yeah me too ,what about you three?
  • Count us in!