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Hasselbacher and Wormold
Updated: 1/20/2020
Hasselbacher and Wormold
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  • It's me, Wormold.
  • You wouldn't understand.
  • I was an Uhlan officer - oh, forty-five years ago. It was so peaceful. Do you never have a desire, Mr. Wormold, to go back to peace?
  • What are you doing, Hasselbacher?
  • What made you tonight want to dress up like this, Hasselbacher?
  • A man's death. We were both responsible for his death, you and I.
  • This scene reveals the complicated relationship between Wormold and Hasselbacher.
  • If you were breaking my cables you must have realized there was no truth in them.
  • But Raul - he didn't even exist. You advised me to lie and I lied.
  • Then you invented him too well, Mr Wormold. There's a whole file on him now.
  • I chose this scene as it shows how Wormold's old life is overturned when he gets the job, despite never doing any actions towards the job. It shows the consequences his actions have had, no matter how good intentioned they were.
  • They knew about you in the very beginning, Mr Wormold, but they didn't take you seriously. But then you changed your codes and your staff increased.Why did you ever begin?
  • I needed more money than you could lend me.
  • For Milly? Take good care of her, Mr Wormold. You are in a trade where it is unsafe to love anybody or anything. Remember the culture I was making? Perhaps if they hadn't destroyed my will to live, they wouldn't have persuaded me so easily.
  • Hasselbacher is revealed to have been working for the Cuban government under the threat of deportation. Since he has lost his papers, he cannot go back to Germany. He does not wish to be involved in politics and the world struggle ongoing at all.
  • You shouldn't have shown love in your voice. Who knows who was listening? Good night, Mr. Wormold. Here is the Lamb.
  • Is Milly all right?
  • Hasselbacher and Wormold are friends, but Hasselbacher feels morally responsible for all lives that are lost and views Wormold as unwise. They are still friends, but Hasselbacher does see that Wormold's activities are a threat.
  • His concern for Wormold is not enough to get him to risk deportation, but he does not wish to harm him or Milly, therefore giving a warning. He knows the pain that could be caused and does not wish it upon Wormold, though he still works for the Cubans.
  • This scene emphasizes how much false reports have impacted real lives, such as Cifuentes, Hasselbacher, and someone whose only connection to Wormold was that he had the same name as Raul. Here, Wormold learns that in the spy world, everybody is involved.
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