The secrets of time
Updated: 5/21/2020
The secrets of time

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1.1
  • Scene 2.1
  • Scene 3.1
  • It is nightDr. Arsen is working on time machineArsen checks his watch 15 seconds
  • Scene 3.2
  • Hey, you there. Would you know where the oracle may be?
  • Arsen sets things up to get ready to testHe presses the orange button and red lights start flashingThen he disconnect the power source the portal pulls him in 23 seconds
  • scene 4.1
  • Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to find this oracle. I also need to find some clothes to look like I belong.
  • Dr. Arsen wakes up from being unconscious and is confusedA Spartan soldier finds him then leaves at the end of the scene45 seconds
  • scene5.1
  • Arsen is trying to figure out how to get back, he hears people talking in the background and turns around then calls to them 40 seconds
  • Arsen walks up to the guards and ask them to let him in 14 seconds
  • Arsen walks in and seeks advice from the oracle 24 seconds
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