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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Engage the reader and Introduce your character (Beginning)
  • Major Event (Middle)
  • Conclusion
  • I was going through some old photos and came across one of them that at that time i thought it was the worst day of my life but now i look at it i just laugh at it. This event happened on my 6th birthday pool party my name is Amora and this photo is the day that my 6th birthday party was a disaster. It all started out with a great sunny day and everything was great , but little did i know it was going to be the worst b-day ever.
  • After i got ready and everything i went out to go eat with my family we went to go eat seafood but when i started to eat it I started to itch and turn red so my mom took me to the doctor and I food of I was allergic to seafood so that all ready made the day bad than i go home and get ready for my pool party and 30 minutes later is starts to rain so my party got canceled and now I cant have a party so my whole day was ruin, "this has been the worst birthday ever."
  • After awhile my family came over and tried to cheer me up it didnt really work but after a hour of trying i started to feel a little better so they got the cake and song happy birthday to me than i opened all my gifts but their was one more and i found out i got a puppy and that really made up of my bad day and the rest of the night i played with him.The end
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