The National Problem part 2
Updated: 6/15/2020
The National Problem part 2
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  • Wendy: So [25,930 + (348 + 142)] – [(5954 + 298) + 1098]Doro: If we solve the first parenthesis, we have 26,420 cases as of today. If add we add the number of recoveries yesterday and today, we will get 6252 recoveries as of today, plus the numberof deaths, it is equivalent to 1098
  • Wendy: It will be 7350Doro: Right! So 26 420 minus 7350 is 19,070. So there are 19,070 COVID patients are still recovering from the virus.Wendy: That’s a lot of people. I hope all of this ends already. !
  • I agree, and yet they are still fighting for us despite of the lack of equipment and cure.
  • We are already far from the hospital, and yet you are still sad.
  • Let's go home
  • Okay
  • It's just so sad that all of this happened, and our frontliners are tired of fighting COVID-19.
  • They are the modern day heroes!
  • Do you still remember what our president said two months ago?
  • Yes I still remember it!
  • I will give 200 Billion pesos for the people of the Philippines, but this fundare meant to support the "most affected" in the COVID 19 crisis.
  • There 110 million people in the philippines. It's 200 billion !, and surely not all of us will benefit from it. If you will think deeply, it is similar to PEMDAS, that has hiearchy. Which means that the selection are from thehighest rank to the lowest.
  • Wendy: Hey will everyone can get that 6k?Doro: I dont think so. Come on lets compute!Wendy: right! (200 billion divide by 146) - (6k) (30k)Doro: Lets solve first how much money does a one city need. 60k times 30k ?
  • Wendy: Its 180,000,000!Doro: Wooah that's a huge amount! So In one city how much does the government will allot ?Wendy: 200 billion divide by 146 is 1,369,863,013.70Doro: Woah! thats not enough to provide everyoneWendy: Yeah right! It's so sad
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