Updated: 6/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Just drive slow and don´t turn on your lights. Are you sure you´re okay?
  • I have to get out of here!!!Fuck!
  • What´s wrong?
  • We distract the director Eagle.
  • the last day
  • Last night, Alaska Young was in terrible accident and she was killed. Alaska has passed away.
  • It´s all my fault.I don´t feel very good.I´am going to throw up.She can´t be dead.
  • I kiss her last night and she say that we countine later.
  • the day after
  • GET OFF!!!
  • You´re so hot! I weesh you´d shut up and take off your colthes.
  • This is a day of historic signifcance at Culver Creek. It was the vision of our Founder that you learn by professors one day a year.Today Dr. William Morse, a professor of psychology, talks about teenagers and sexuality.
  • This one´s for Alaska Young.
  • GET OFF!!!
  • 102 days after