Romeo and Juliet rising action

Updated: 10/3/2021
Romeo and Juliet rising action

Storyboard Text

  • He ran this way and jumped over this orchard wall. Call to him, Mercutio.
  • I’ll conjure him as if I were summoning a spirit. Romeo! Madman! Passion! Lover!
  • She speaks. Oh, speak again, bright angel. You are as glorious as an angel tonight.
  • Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo? Forget about your father and change your name.
  • I love rich Capulet’s daughter. I love her, and she loves me. We’re bound to each other in every possible way, except we need you to marry us.
  • May the heavens be happy with this holy act of marriage, so nothing unfortunate happens later to make us regret it.
  • Holy Saint Francis, this is a drastic change! Have you given up so quickly on Rosaline, whom you loved so much? Then young men love with their eyes, not with their hearts.
  • If you’re the Romeo I’m looking for, sir, I would like to have a confidence with you.
  • She will indite him to some dinner party.
  • Good Peter, give her her fan to hide her face. Her fan is prettier than her face.
  • Believe me, I’m sorry you’re in pain. Sweet, sweet, sweet Nurse, tell me, what did my love Romeo say?
  • Your love says, like an honorable gentleman, who is courteous, kind, handsome, and, I believe, virtuous— where is your mother?
  • Amen, amen. But whatever misfortunes occur, they can’t ruin the joy I feel with one look at her.
  • These sudden joys have sudden endings. They burn up in victory like fire and gunpowder.