Scam emails
Updated: 6/7/2020
Scam emails
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  • Hi, I'm James and I have just received an email from Westpack[5hgavatyw7a83gd9b}
  • I was wondering if this was a real or a fake email and what I should do about it. Can you help me find out if it is fake or real?
  • If an email has a weird looking address with a bunch of different characters and ends with something besides the chance of it being a scam email it is pretty high.
  • If you are sent an unknown link, do not press on it as it could steal private information from your computer. If you are unsure if a link is safe there are many ways to check. One way to check is to hover your mouse over the link and see if you recognize it.
  • A third way to check if an email is fake is to check for any spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Most scam emails are sent from overseas robots which are not very good at writing in English and often have spelling and grammatical errors.
  • If you are ever unsure if it is a scam email you can always ring the number of the business ( Not the one in the email) and see if they sent you an email. If you know it is a scam email you should delete and block the email.
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