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Updated: 11/17/2020
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  • It is believed that Archangel Gabriel threw a meteorite, a huge cube-shaped black stone which "landed" in the city of Mecca, the center of the Great Mosque.
  • Before...
  • It´s called Kaaba and it´s considered to be a holy place for Muslims.
  • ...Now
  • The Kaaba was actually first built by Abraham with the help of his son Ishmael, the specific date is unknown but it was rebuilt by the Quraysh tribe, who ruled Mecca in 608 CE.
  • Today I will do the pilgrimage, also called Hajj.
  • My name is Adib and I´m Muslim.
  • I can do the Hajj because I´m an adult and my family can take care of themselves without me.
  • First I travelled to the city of Mecca, to the Great Mosque in direction of Kaaba
  • Mecca is one of the holiest places of islam because its the birthplace of Muhammad, the prophet and it´s one of the crossroads of the caravan routes
  • I´m in the Great Mosque and the first thing I have to do is circle the Kaaba 7 times
  • I have to kiss and touch the Kaaba, then I will pray.
  • After this I will go to mount Arafat where the last sermon of Muhammad took place and ask for forgiveness.
  • The Kaaba was used as a sanctuary, a sanctuary is a safe place for humans who need refuge, and a sacred temple since many divine things have manifested in that place
  • I do this journey at least once in my life to show that I´m fully devoted to Allah
  • To finish off I return to the Kaaba and circle it 7 times more
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