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The room
Updated: 5/8/2020
The room
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Storyboard Description

Once a man name bob woke and was headed to work but he found a new key in his key chain.Bob was muddle and didn't know what key was for,so he started to look around the house and couldn't find any thing until he remembered that the guy who rented him the house had told him to not open the door that headed down stairs.So bob went to that room and tried to open it but it was locked so he used the key and it worked.The room was dark but switch to turn on the light but what he saw turned him as white as snow,it was terrifying but as soon as he turned to call the cops it was to late the home owner was here with a axe and bamm straight to the face down bob went.No one knew what was in that room except bob and bob was no longer here..
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