bridget bishop

Updated: 9/11/2020
bridget bishop

Storyboard Text

  • Thou could be lying!
  • "she was a bad wife. . . the devil had come bodily to her . . . and she sat up all night with the devil..."
  • I am to be arrested due to my dead husband's account of me being a witch? That was over 12 years ago. I proved thy self innocent then, I shall do it again.
  • Thou will be convicted witch!
  • Help! My name is Bridget Bishop. I will not make a false confession saying that I practice witch craft. That would be a lie, and lies are seen as sins in god's eyes.
  • Thee has a portal for thy devil to come through!
  • I have a blemish from being in this wretched place, that does not make thee a witch.
  • How is that a form of evidence! what if thou tripped and fell, or fell to get attention!
  • Thou is a witch, making us fall in thy presence!
  • Thou is guilty, and it shall be proven!
  • I am innocent!
  • Bridget Bishop was hanged on June tenth after being convicted, she was the first person to be hung during the Salem witch trials.
  • The reasoning behind her death could have been because she was a older mean widow. Bishop was also known to be self-assertive which was not common, and looked down apon during that time period. Was the real reason she was convicted, because she challenged her society's gender rules?