Dollmaker : beginning
Updated: 4/12/2021
Dollmaker : beginning

Storyboard Description

chapter 1 of the story. taking place early morning in the shopping district (1st panel), iskall's base(2nd and 6th panel) and xisuma's place(3rd to 5th panel)

Storyboard Text

  • meanwhile...
  • good morning grian !
  • hmm.. he could be still in his omega tree or something
  • good morning !
  • have you see iskall ?
  • later...
  • uh..what ?
  • I'm sorry..i didn't sleep well last night..
  • um...iskall, are you okay ?
  • hmm..i'll be fine..i guess..
  • well, whatever you said so..
  • are you sure you're gonna be alright ?
  • is there something happen ?
  • hello shiswammy !
  • i'm picking up some strange thing in the code..
  • kinda like something had joined this world..
  • then..what could it be ?
  • maybe..someone had joined ?
  •'re right..
  • you know someone couldn't join unless they are whitelisted right ?
  • surely you'll find out eventually.
  • its going to be alright..
  • i wish i know keralis..
  •'s not going to be easy to look for it...
  • ...i hope..