4 Ethical experiences: #3
Updated: 2/18/2021
4 Ethical experiences: #3

Storyboard Text

  • Raiden was watching a movie with knights and demons.
  • Finally I'm done my homework. Now I can relax and finish this movie that I started yesterday.
  • 'I Have To'
  • Raiden, dear, can you come do the dishes and take out the trash before your father gets home.
  • You don't want him to come home and tell you. You know how he feels about constantly telling you to do things.
  • OK! Almost every time I get the chance to chill I have to do something.
  • I guess the upside of me doing these chores is after I'm done, I can relax, so what ever.
  • Thank you dear. You know how happy your father gets when he comes home and you did your chores.
  • Plus you don't have to be nagged to get the dishes done.
  • Yeah I guess your right about that. I'll have to do these chores sometime today so better now than later.
  • HmmHmmHmm.
  • Hey Raiden, nice day were having ay.
  • Hi Mr. Berniard, ya it is a nice day.
  • Well I'm finished mom. Can I go do my thing now?
  • Of course. See don't you feel better now that you have done your work. All of it.
  • Now I can chill. You and me buddy.