Montag's evolution
Updated: 3/28/2021
Montag's evolution

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  • I love burning books
  • Why?
  • I will die with my books
  • At the beginning of the story, Montag loves his job and was a proud and devoted man who enjoyed being a fireman. He thought burning books was a joyous pleasure.
  • Montag has an encounter with a woman, who is willing to die with her books as they burn. This is disturbing for Montag but he also wonders why a woman would give up her life to some books, what is that valuable in those books. Montag steals a book due to his curioutsity
  • Eventually, Montag starts to read books and wants to find out why people are ready to risk their lives for them. He wondered are books really that important and he needed answers so he started reading. From a person who loved to burn books to someone who is trying to learn what is really the right thing to do.
  • Montag talks to Faber about his new plans and his ideas of how he wants to change society. He wants to read more books and understand more things and is ready to disobey the rules and laws in order to do that.
  • Montag tries to explain to some of his friends about the changes that society needs and how wrong society is right now however none of his friends seem to understand what he is trying to tell, this frustrates him a lot.
  • Montag goes back to work but is still not satisfied by going and is still against the whole burning books ideas. And doesn't accept what a fireman has to do and doesn't accept society. He still wants to change it.