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Updated: 10/6/2020
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  • Gallaudet meets Alice
  • A man by the name of Thomas Gallaudet lived around a little girl that was very uncommunicative. This young girl's name was Alice Cogswell, and she was deaf. She had no way of talking to anyone around her, so she was always alone. This led Gallaudet to go on his search to find a way for people like Alice to live an equal life
  • My child cannot speak with anyone and I don't know what to do!
  • I shall find a way to let little Alice live a normal life!
  • Gallaudet sails off England
  • Gallaudet made his way over to England. It was there that he met up with the Braidwoods, a very wealthy family that owned a well known school. He pleaded them to aid him in his journey to help Alice, but alas, the kept their secrets to helping the deaf "hear" to themselves in order to maintain a monopoly. Unsatisfied, Gallaudet set off to find another solution.
  • All that poor girl needs is a friend, and despite Braidwood, i'll give it to her!
  • Gallaudet's big discovery
  • Eventually, Gallaudet found himself in France. it was there that Gallaudet saw a beautiful art form that would start his journey of creating a school for the deaf. He saw two children signing in FSL (French Sign Language) He couldn't wait to share his knowledge with Alice, and everyone in America in her situation. ti was then that he met Laurent Clerc, a bright young, man being taught by Abbe Sicard and Jean Massieu.
  • This is perfect! This is just what Alice needs! I cannot wait to tell everyone in America!
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