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Shays rebellion
Updated: 9/3/2018
Shays rebellion
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  • With farmers falling into debt, going to jail, and losing their homes, a huge group of Massachussetts farmers meets up to discuss how what they can do to keep their properties
  • They decide to go after the courts and shut them down. A leader also emerges among the group and he is Daniels Shays, a former revolutionary captain
  • Court houses throughout Massachussets are attacked and overthrown, news arrives in the cities and people are concerned.
  • .............
  • The rebels meet up again in need a way to get weapons so they can have force to get to the capital. They decide to go and try to raid the springifield arsenal and a plan is made with three groups attacking from different points.
  • .............
  • ...........
  • News of attack is intercepted by a militia leader. So, the call to attack is missed by two of the three groups, and when the militia finds the one group, they lack the number to overpower militiamen with weapons and a few cannons. Three people die, and the people quickly flee
  • In the end, the fleeing rebels are caught. Many end up in jail and 180 are sentenced to hang. But, only one ends up getting hung. In response to the evident crisis of money, congress and leaders realise they need to change up the Articles of Confederation. The constitiution is born.
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