rtf ghana
Updated: 12/2/2019
rtf ghana

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  • hi. i am going to tell you about the rise, thrive, and fall of Ghana.
  • in the beggining, Ghana gained control of valuable trade routes, which made them into a power state. The people of simple family villages wanted more protection and food security, so they joined together. The population then started to increase as the towns and villages grew. Ghanas rulers started to tax traders as they came in and out of Ghana, and the people of Ghana had to pay tax too. The taxes supported the army.
  • A lot of gold was mined and the kings kept all the gold for themselves. The people were banned from having gold nuggets, they were only allowed to have gold dust. This ensured that the kings were the richest people in Ghana. Ghana conquered many areas and grew the empire.
  • The empire started to collapse in the early 1200s. They were invaded by the Almoravids, and after 14 years they defeated Ghana. They didn't control them for long but they weakend the empire by cutting off vital trading partnerships. Another reason was that there was a lot of overgrazing. The invaders brought their animals which ate pretty much everything, and the farmers had to leave. The final reason was internal rebellion. In around 1200 Ghanas people started to rebelle, and all that led to the end of Ghana.
  • and that is the rise, thrive, and fall of Ghana
  • Now, you have a report due in a week. If you turn it in late you will fall just like Ghana.