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Updated: 3/12/2020
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  • I QUIT!
  • There was once a rich woman named, Stephanie, who owned an extremely successful company.
  • Stephanie had an assistant named, Hailee, who worked very hard and didn't get much money in return because Stephanie didn't respect Hailee and was very selfish.
  • One day, Hailee couldn't take it anymore and she quit.
  • I'm sorry, but could you please leave.
  • 10 YEARS LATERStephanie's company shut down because it ran out of money. Stephanie is now homeless and poor.
  • Hailee created her own multi-million dollar company and is very happy.
  • Stephanie came to Hailee's company hoping to get a job. When Stephanie got there Hailee turned her away. She turned Stephanie away because of how she was treated by her in the past.