The Boston Tea Party
Updated: 12/17/2020
The Boston Tea Party

Storyboard Text

  • WHAT!
  • How could they!?
  • This is outrageous!
  • The Tea Act now states all tea is taxed
  • 1773
  • Sons of Liberty
  • They are refusing to send the ship with the tea back to London.
  • Then we must do something
  • Samuel Adams
  • Dump the tea in the harbor!
  • This will make England regret making the Tea Act!
  • We want the tea act repealed!
  • We want freedom from Parliament.
  • Wait! We should invoke the Intolerable Acts so we can get the tea paid for.
  • Revoke the Tea Act so they don't keep rebelling.
  • Parliament
  • Our tea isn't taxed anymore!
  • This is horrible, but we got the Tea Act revoked.
  • We should celebrate!
  • The Intolerable Act now states that the Boston Harbor will be closed until the tea is payed for.
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